Veil of Roses Series

Veil of Roses

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Veil of Roses-350Tamila Soroush wanted it all.

But in the Islamic Republic of Iran, dreams are a dangerous thing for a girl. Knowing they can never come true, Tami abandons them. . . . Until her twenty-fifth birthday, when her parents give her a one-way ticket to America, hoping she will “go and wake up her luck.”

If they have their way, Tami will never return to Iran . . . which means she has three months to find a husband in America.

Three months before she’s sent back for good …


Dreaming in English

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Dreaming in English-350A captivating sequel to the national bestselling novel Veil of Rose

Knowing she could never be happy in Iran, Tamila Soroush took her mother’s advice to “Go and wake up your luck” and joined her sister in the United States. Now, after a spur-of-the-moment exchange of “I do”s with her true love, Ike Hanson, Tami is eager to start her new life.

But not everyone is pleased with their marriage, and Tami’s happily- ever-after is no sure thing. With an interview with Immigration looming, Tami wonders if she’s got the right stuff when it comes to love, American-style. Maybe her luck is running out. Or maybe she’ll stand up for herself and claim her American dream.