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If you want to be able to binge-read a story like you binge-watch TV, you can read Lost In America episode by episode. Each episode can be read in a few hours, and you can go onto the next one whenever you’re ready! No need to commit to a whole novel at once!

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Lost in America: Book One

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Lost in America Bk 1-350

…It’s the near future, and the next big thing is already here.

Smartphones, tablets, even TVs have been replaced by Butler watches, your own digital personal assistant who knows you intimately.

Billed by genius-inventor Jeff Meyers as “luxury for the little guy,”

your Butler knows your clothing sizes, your favorite pizza toppings, the music you like. Anything you want will be ordered for you at your command. In the early stages of a heart attack? Your Butler detects it, calls for help, and saves your life. In short, your Butler is your very best friend, always there for you–waiting, watching, listening.

It knows everything about you … but so does the company behind it.

That’s where the danger comes in.

Meet Kendra Sinclair. She’d be the first to tell you there’s nothing special about her, until a near-death experience leaves her with a special ability to see puzzle pieces of a frightening future. She uncovers a massive conspiracy that, if successful, will kill millions of people, including the people she loves most.

Kendra’s the only one who can stop it–unless the bad guys stop her first, which means she needs to get Lost In America. But how can she, when privacy is just an illusion?