Join My Street Team

What’s a Street Team?

A street team is a group of fans that joins together to support an artist, author, band, or brand. They offer a way for authors to connect with readers and for readers to help promote the author’s work.

Why should you join mine?

You should join my street team if you want to get to know me better in a “behind the scenes” sort of way. You should also join if you’re willing to do a few quick things occasionally to help me showcase my work and find new readers.

What’s In It For You?

You’ll be invited to join a secret (private) Facebook group with not more than fifteen people. I’ll consider you a VIP and treat you as such, meaning I’ll:

  • Be on the page almost daily, chatting about my writing and my life.
  • Visit your Facebook page regularly, reading and commenting on your posts.
  • Be in touch in person occasionally, such as sending you a *real* birthday card in the mail, calling into your book club, chatting online, etc.
  • Help you give great gifts to family and friends by sending autographed copies of my books to anyone you want. I’ll include a personal note. (You buy the book.)
  • Name characters or streets after you (if you want me to).
  • List you in the acknowledgements section of my books.
What’s In It For Me?

Writing is often a lonely pursuit. Connecting with readers is uplifting! So there’s that. In addition, as a street team, we’ll have a monthly “mission” with specific tasks. It might be writing a quick review online, posting something on your social media pages, or helping me brainstorm my novels.

Younger fans can help me keep up with the times … I know you’re not on Facebook anymore, so where are you? Want to create Tumblr blogs for my characters? Create Instagram or Pinterest accounts for them? Assume their identities and create lives for them online? I’d LOVE it. Bring your ideas & help me spread the word!

If interested, please fill out the form below, and I’ll be in touch!